Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fingerprints and Fun Movies

Is it really August already?  It's amazing how quickly the months have passed on this journey so far.   We made the decision to adopt and started the process at the end of April, hard to believe 4 months have gone by already!   We did get some good news this week though.  The FBI received our fingerprints and they are (finally) registered in the system!   We were told this could take up to 12 weeks (it's been about 8).   They still have to be accepted so they can run our records, and I'm really praying they go through so they don't get kicked back to us.  The operator told me to check back next week and they should know for sure.   I was able to track down the contact info for checking on fingerprint status, it is: 304-625-5590 for the FBI Liaison Unit.   

On another note, lately we have been enjoying some special movies that have an adoption theme.  A few years ago our family went through a big "Annie" phase  and we have recently had a resurgence of that, singing the songs and watching the movie repeatedly.  Wouldn't it be great if life was like a musical and people would spontaneously break into song and dance over various events in life?!  Lol.   Also, my favorite movie of all time happens to be Anne of Green Gables.  So, today at the library I checked out the DVD for the boys.  I think they are finally old enough to enjoy it.  If not, I know I will!:)  It adds such a different perspective now that we will have a first-hand experience with adoption.     Do you have any favorite films that tie in to adoption?  I would like to make a little list, I am sure there are some good ones.

Finally, I thought I would post a fun video from this week.   It is such a blessing and a gift to do a morning show, especially at a Christian station where I feel we are all really a big family!  This week we welcomed "The Afters" into the studio and they performed their new single "Light Up the Sky".   The reason why I wanted to post it is because it's about God lighting the way, and how His hand is on everything, and every situation.    The Flip video camera leaves something to be desired in terms of audio quality (this vid does not do Matt and Josh justice and there is some distortion) but hopefully you can still enjoy the lyrics and the song.   I just think of our child waiting in Poland, and how she is never alone because God is with her...and I pray she feels His love and grace.   I pray that for all orphans awaiting a family.  A good reminder, we are never alone!  

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  1. Yes, Summer has seemed to have flown by, but it appears from your post that you have had a great summer of family time. And thanks a huge amount for finding that FBI number. It is nice to know that it actually exists. It will help a lot of families who are waiting to hear about their prints. Happy end of summer.