Friday, August 27, 2010

Meant to Be

Just to dovetail on my last post (our interview with Steven Curtis Chapman), I wanted to share a brand new video...premiering today!  It's from the upcoming Veggie Tales movie called "It's a Meaningful Life".   I can't wait for this new movie!!  It's a beautifully told story about the blessings of adoption, and every child's immeasurable worth.  It will be released on DVD, October 2nd.   Click here for a little inside info from Marybeth Chapman's blog.    Check out this brand new video and don't forget your tissues! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Steven Curtis Chapman Interview

This week, my morning show partner Len and I chatted with Steven Curtis Chapman.    He has done so much for families, orphans, and  inspiring so many others to adopt!   I rarely get star-struck for interviews, but he is someone I greatly admire, and it was such a blessing to interview him.   Click here to link up to my other blog where the audio is posted. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 Months of Paperwork and Progress

This is our "adoption folder" as it looks 3 months in to our journey.   It started with one folder (the agency agreement) and has quickly ballooned to this thick pile.    I know we still have a long way to go, but this is is a good reminder that we have made some progress!

Last week we also received not one, but two pieces of good news.     We planned a camping weekend, but came back early because my dad was so distraught that he was missing the Packers/Browns game (ha).
  My husband was gracious enough to pack up everything and we headed home.   Then, when we pulled up to the mailbox, we saw the letter from the FBI!    What we were told may take up to 12 weeks to get back, took about 9, so that was something to celebrate.   We also received word that our home study is complete.   It still needs to be notarized and sent to the agency, but at least it's getting there.   That means we can work on our I800A form soon (hopefully in the next few weeks) and also get our dossier apostilled.      We started filling out the I800A on our own, but couldn't finish it because we had a few questions about how we should answer some sections (some of the wording was confusing we thought).  Anyway, we were told to just to be patient and  wait for specific instructions when the time comes.   I felt bad about that because I don't mean to rush things,  my intentions are good...I guess we just have to let the process work and not try to do too much.  

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Checking In

Just thought I would check in, I just wish I had more of an update.  Last week I called the FBI and the rep I spoke with, told me to call back this week to see if our fingerprints were approved.  Well, yesterday I checked in and heard something completely different!   This time, the woman on the line said it might take up to 12 weeks from this point!  Oh no.  That is not what I understood.  So, my balloon was deflated... but I know  this is a long road and just part of the process. 

Also still also waiting for our home study approval.  This Friday will mark 5 weeks since it was completed.  Here again, I have to fight discouragement because I was hoping it would've been wrapped up by now.  Due some some changes, it was kicked back and I have a feeling when it was re-submitted, it went to the bottom of the pile.     So, we can't apply for Grants or move forward on our dossier until that is done.  I am hoping it will come this week though.

Emotionally, I am still adjusting to the ups and downs of this journey.   When we pray, the boys will always include "Mary Grace" (our daughter?!) and that makes it seem more real.  I dream about her face and wonder when we will see her.  Sometimes it feels like it will never happen and I am just living in some pretend, fantasy and that scares me a little.   If it's not for another two years or so, should I even be letting my heart get attached so soon?   I kind of fluctuate from feeling excited, to feeling disenchanted and wanting to distance myself from the process.    My reasoning is that the more detached I am, the less disappointed I will be at setbacks and delays, and once we actually SEE her, then I can allow myself to get excited.   This is all so new and confusing at times.      

Anyway, I ran across this video and it's fantastic!   I posted something similar a while back, but I think the quality is even better and more engaging.  Here is the description from Mental Floss:
"1,000 Years of Polish History in Eight Minutes
   "This might be the coolest animated short I’ve seen … ever. It was created for the 2010 World’s Fair in Shanghai (hence the Chinese characters that appear now and again), and features no dialogue, just a lot of crazy battles and political maneuvering that make the most dramatic made-up story you can imagine seem tame by comparison. You’ve had a crazy millennium, Poland — let’s hope the next one’s a little easier."

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fingerprints and Fun Movies

Is it really August already?  It's amazing how quickly the months have passed on this journey so far.   We made the decision to adopt and started the process at the end of April, hard to believe 4 months have gone by already!   We did get some good news this week though.  The FBI received our fingerprints and they are (finally) registered in the system!   We were told this could take up to 12 weeks (it's been about 8).   They still have to be accepted so they can run our records, and I'm really praying they go through so they don't get kicked back to us.  The operator told me to check back next week and they should know for sure.   I was able to track down the contact info for checking on fingerprint status, it is: 304-625-5590 for the FBI Liaison Unit.   

On another note, lately we have been enjoying some special movies that have an adoption theme.  A few years ago our family went through a big "Annie" phase  and we have recently had a resurgence of that, singing the songs and watching the movie repeatedly.  Wouldn't it be great if life was like a musical and people would spontaneously break into song and dance over various events in life?!  Lol.   Also, my favorite movie of all time happens to be Anne of Green Gables.  So, today at the library I checked out the DVD for the boys.  I think they are finally old enough to enjoy it.  If not, I know I will!:)  It adds such a different perspective now that we will have a first-hand experience with adoption.     Do you have any favorite films that tie in to adoption?  I would like to make a little list, I am sure there are some good ones.

Finally, I thought I would post a fun video from this week.   It is such a blessing and a gift to do a morning show, especially at a Christian station where I feel we are all really a big family!  This week we welcomed "The Afters" into the studio and they performed their new single "Light Up the Sky".   The reason why I wanted to post it is because it's about God lighting the way, and how His hand is on everything, and every situation.    The Flip video camera leaves something to be desired in terms of audio quality (this vid does not do Matt and Josh justice and there is some distortion) but hopefully you can still enjoy the lyrics and the song.   I just think of our child waiting in Poland, and how she is never alone because God is with her...and I pray she feels His love and grace.   I pray that for all orphans awaiting a family.  A good reminder, we are never alone!