Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 Months of Paperwork and Progress

This is our "adoption folder" as it looks 3 months in to our journey.   It started with one folder (the agency agreement) and has quickly ballooned to this thick pile.    I know we still have a long way to go, but this is is a good reminder that we have made some progress!

Last week we also received not one, but two pieces of good news.     We planned a camping weekend, but came back early because my dad was so distraught that he was missing the Packers/Browns game (ha).
  My husband was gracious enough to pack up everything and we headed home.   Then, when we pulled up to the mailbox, we saw the letter from the FBI!    What we were told may take up to 12 weeks to get back, took about 9, so that was something to celebrate.   We also received word that our home study is complete.   It still needs to be notarized and sent to the agency, but at least it's getting there.   That means we can work on our I800A form soon (hopefully in the next few weeks) and also get our dossier apostilled.      We started filling out the I800A on our own, but couldn't finish it because we had a few questions about how we should answer some sections (some of the wording was confusing we thought).  Anyway, we were told to just to be patient and  wait for specific instructions when the time comes.   I felt bad about that because I don't mean to rush things,  my intentions are good...I guess we just have to let the process work and not try to do too much.  


  1. That is wonderful news about your fingerprints. It is nice to have something done early. LIna will send you good instructions for filling out your I-800A. Just make sure to check it and check it again and then check it again. The people at the lockbox like to send them back for minor issues (I know from experience)
    You are definitely moving right along! Before you know it all of your stuff will be in Poland!

  2. The thickness of your folder looks a bit too familiar. Congratulations on all of your progress. It sounds like you will be sending off that dossier before you know it.