Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old or New, What to Do?

We are now at the point of our adoption where I think we can have a little fun with planning and starting our daughter's room!   I wish I could run out and buy clothes, a car seat, and all things pink, but that will come in time.     We've run into a little dilemma though regarding her bedding.    We do have a nice crib set that we purchased for our youngest son, and it's still in  pretty good shape.   It's a unisex color and we initially purchased for a boy or a girl.    We were all set to use it again until.....I ran across a website with the most frilly, feminine, adorable bedding sets for a baby girl.  I will admit, I had to control my drool.  :)  So, now I am tempted to beg my husband to purchase an overpriced bedding set for our very special little girl.     One on hand, I know it's not being a good steward of our funds, we have pinched every penny and we DO have a perfectly good set already.    On the other hand, she is likely to be our one and only girl and my dreamy side wants to make her room an estrogen oasis (he he).     So, what to do? 
First, here are a few images.   This is what we have already:
This is one of the sweet sets I found at
What do you think?   Maybe the whole thing is silly, but I'm still just giddy about having a girl in the house.    I would be curious to hear your comments. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Happy Distraction

I just wanted to write with a quick update and share a few new pictures.   We just got back from a weekend trip to Tybee Island, GA and we stopped in Charlotte and met Lina and some new friends!  

First, was our blessed little adventure to the beach.   My husband was born and raised in the south (Florida/Georgia) and although he has come to accept the north, he still has a hard time with the cold at times.  I admire his good attitude, in fact when he was a mail carrier in downtown Green Bay he really enjoyed his walking route, despite the sub-zero temps!   What a trooper. :)  Anyway, every year (usually in March) he gets homesick for the sun and warmer weather.  So, we were all happy when we learned we had a free weekend and could have a little sunny escape.    It was so nice!  Here a few photos from our trip:

It was nice to be buried in something other than snow for a change!:)   Fyi: what a mess to get the sand out of their swim suits!  Lol.
Bike riding was the best!

It was was really a gift to have that time together.  It goes without saying that our little Polish princess was on our minds as we were there too.  As the sun set, I prayed for her.   In the morning as we walked along the beach, my thoughts drifted to the day when I will be able to hold her hand along the shore too.   Which brings me to our second highlight!

We stopped in Charlotte on our way back to meet Lina and Nick at St. Mary's.  When we arrived, we were delighted and surprised to meet Rebekah and Mike and their beautiful daughter Madeline!   What a little star she is!    We had a ball interacting with her, marveling at her charm,  and hearing about their adoption experience.   It was so exciting!    However, in the excitement and the flurry of questions, we forgot to take a picture.   That is not like me, normally I document every possible life moment. ;)   It is marked in our hearts though, the exchange will be one that will be an indelible part of our adoption journey.  It was such a joyful experience to see the pride and happiness they have in their blue-eyed miracle.  It was also great to finally meet Lina and Nick.   I think our boys thought she was an imaginary adoption fairy-godmother until they actually met her!   Ha.  After they left they were excited to know she was a real person, the one who was working so hard to help bring baby sister home.   So, overall it was a lovely meeting.     We are back to the routine now,  but I think we are all still enjoying the afterglow of the weekend.  God is good.