Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old or New, What to Do?

We are now at the point of our adoption where I think we can have a little fun with planning and starting our daughter's room!   I wish I could run out and buy clothes, a car seat, and all things pink, but that will come in time.     We've run into a little dilemma though regarding her bedding.    We do have a nice crib set that we purchased for our youngest son, and it's still in  pretty good shape.   It's a unisex color and we initially purchased for a boy or a girl.    We were all set to use it again until.....I ran across a website with the most frilly, feminine, adorable bedding sets for a baby girl.  I will admit, I had to control my drool.  :)  So, now I am tempted to beg my husband to purchase an overpriced bedding set for our very special little girl.     One on hand, I know it's not being a good steward of our funds, we have pinched every penny and we DO have a perfectly good set already.    On the other hand, she is likely to be our one and only girl and my dreamy side wants to make her room an estrogen oasis (he he).     So, what to do? 
First, here are a few images.   This is what we have already:
This is one of the sweet sets I found at
What do you think?   Maybe the whole thing is silly, but I'm still just giddy about having a girl in the house.    I would be curious to hear your comments. 


  1. Cute! Maybe a few choice pick frilly pieces that could combine with the little bees? Especially if you have flowers, Pooh (and the honeypot), and/or a topiary like in the pic as part of the decorations, the bees might still be useful and add whimsy and more cuteness. Then you can have the best of both and it makes a more compelling argument for your hubby lol!

  2. LOL Brooke, that second room is INTENSE!! Very cute though. I totally hear you, we just remodeled our future child's room, but I refuse to paint it a "neutral" color- if it a boy, it will be a "boy" color and if its a girl it will be a "girl" color-PINK!

    I totally agree with Laura, those bees are SO cute- maybe you could mix and match a bit?

  3. I think a combination is a good idea. I bought some butterflies from this place I like the bees, just add pink to that. I am with you on the "I can't wait for pink in the house" With three boys of my own, I can't wait to add a twist to this parenting path!

  4. Ha ha Kara! :) The word my husband used was "over the top." He says we should stick with the bees and let the clothing be my outlet. It's still fun to talk about it and dream. By the way, I really miss reading your blog, for some reason I still can't access it, even after the invitation. I will FB you. I have been wondering if you and Tom had any news.

    Laura- Good idea about the topiary and accessories. Besides, I can always change fully to pink when she moves to a bigger bed at some point. Thanks for your input! :)

  5. Well we bought new bedding for our son to be. But we had to as Molly's crib bedding was very girly. We have the bedding and have the room painted but we do not have the furniture set up yet. We are waiting until we know how old he is before we set up the furniture. If he is young enough for a crib we will set up Molly's old crib. If he is too old for a crib we have a toddler bed we will use instead. The bedding will fit both. I can't wait to be able to get everything all set up for him.

    I think both sets are cute. I looked at the honey bee one at the store one day and loved it. The other one looks really sweet too.

  6. He may think it's over the top, but you have 4 males in your household! You deserve over the top PINK PINK PINK Girlie to the MAX. For clothes - check out www. I receive an e-mail everyday about 9am and always make sure I have a full cup of coffee at my desk (don't tell my boss) My mid morning break is to devour the e-mail I receive with the most adorable baby clothes!

  7. Dear Brooke,
    I think the bumble bee set is adorable!!! I would gladly take that off your
    Anyway, I think you should do it! That little girl set is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I think you should dress that girl in pretty, frilly dresses...beautiful head bands and hats.....and a gorgeous room!!!

  8. The bees are adorable but I say go frilly.

    Of course, this is coming from a mom of 4 boys.

  9. We kept the unisex bedding and painted walls pink with our newest addition!

  10. Dear Brooke - I love reading about your adoption journey, and your family has been in my prayers. I heard your dilemma on the radio yesterday about the bedding. Brooke - go for it! Maybe even sell the old bedding to help with the cost, but seriously, as a mother of two BOYS, I am with you on decorating the room for your little princess. ENJOY!
    God Bless - Rebecca

  11. Hi Brooke,
    Being a practical person, i love love love the bees and that color sage goes very nice with pink. Before you know it, she will be in a bed and you can splurge in pink then!! I would save the money for after she is home and let her choose her next bedding....maybe she will like purple instead!!!:)Have fun!

  12. I like momtobe's thoughts - the bee set is adorable and then splurge when she has outgrown the bee set :-)

    God bless you and your family :-)


  13. They are both beautiful. If you are anything like me you will obsess over the pink until your precious daughter arrives and then you'll forget all about the room.


    I agree with your husband - splurge on clothes! After all you can't take her room out and about with you.

  14. Love the mix and match idea - you can always try to ebay some of the bee set and make money for the frilly pink set! That might be a happy medium...I do like the idea that you can't take her room out and about, too!