Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's a.....

A beautiful, precious, baby GIRL!    We received the amazing news on Saturday night, March 5.   I wasn't expecting to get a call on the weekend (I'm not sure why) but it caught me off guard and was instantly reduced to tears when Lina told us!    Best of all, I knew it "was her" the moment she told us her name.
From the beginning, we had discussed names.  We thought we had settled on Mary Grace but still left it open to see what her birth name was too.  Around January I started feeling drawn to the name Karolina.   I asked my husband about it, he said he liked it and we could consider it.   I would be running on the treadmill, or praying at church, and the name "Karolina" would come into my mind.   I thought perhaps because it was the feminine version of "Karol" (Pope John Paul II's given name) and maybe I was drawn to that spiritually.   That day, on March 5, I ran into a friend who is from Poland.  She has given us advice and tips regarding traveling to Poland, and Polish culture, and she asked how things were going.   I told her "no news yet" but then asked her if she liked the name Karolina.   Well...later that night when Lina shared the news about our referral, her age, region etc. she also told us her name was: Karolina.    My jaw dropped!   On one hand I couldn't believe it.  On the other hand, I just knew it!    I am awe-struck that God would work down to the detail of a name.  We are humbled and grateful about it all.   So, we definitely will not be changing her name....Karolina it is!:)  

We received word that we would be traveling on April 12 to meet her!   Her birthday is June 30th and she will be a year old.   My heart is jumping for joy!    At the same time, I wish all of us waiting for referrals in our adoption group could receive good news at the same time.  The waiting is hard, and I'm not sure how/why the process works differently for every family, but Lina said it's a God thing, and his timing is always perfect.   I trust that, I just pray so much for everyone to receive "the call" soon.   
    This year has been such a whirlwind already, with my dad being diagnosed with cancer, and some unexpected life changes.   We are so overjoyed about the gift of our daughter though, and can't wait to count her fingers, touch her soft hair, and give her lots of kisses and hugs!    She is loved so much already!   


  1. What a beautiful, amazing, wonderful story to share with your daughter! It is just so amazing how things work out. I am beyond thrilled to hear this news for your family!

  2. We are very happy for your whole family! It must be truly meant to be. I am curious if one or both of you are of Polish descent? We are so frustrated with this process, it may be time to switch countries...