Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clearing up Confusion

I have to apologize for my lack of clarity in my last post.  My own confusion has confused everyone else too!  Ha ha.  When I wrote about getting our fingerprints from the FBI it was in regards to the record clearings we need for the dossier.  We are not yet to the point of doing fingerprints for USCIS.   I called the FBI today and the rep I spoke too said they receive 100,000 fingerprints every day!  She said they go into a secure holding area and that is the longest part of the process, once they are released, they can be processed.  Good to know.   I don't expect to get anything back until at least mid-August but at least I know a little bit more about how it works.
Today I also received another update regarding our Ohio child abuse clearance form.  We learned that it's in the mail!  That is excellent news because it means we can complete our home study and finally start applying for grants.   A friend of mine adopted from Ethiopia and she said the grants are tricky.  According to her experience, it's tough to get much if you make $50,000 or more, a year.     I know there are hundreds or organizations out there, so all we can do is pray, apply, and see what happens.:)

Also, my husband found a neat app on his cell phone that has fun info and stats about Poland.  Those smart phones are the best.    I also ran across this link with some fun facts and resources about Poland too. In addition, there is a mini-movie on You Tube showing "The History of Poland in 10 Minutes".  I didn't sit through it all, but it looks like a good history lesson.  Click here for the video. 


  1. Imgaine this, I'm more confused now than before! lol We had one set of fingerprints done the old fashioned way with black ink from our local sheriff's dept. They were used for the NYS background check. The FBI prints are the biometric prints used for USCIS. If you are getting 2 sets of FBI prints, I have no idea why.

  2. We had to have several sets of fingerprints done. We had to have the one that Brooke is talking about done for her dossier. Just like hers ours took awhile and was done like hers. This is separate from the USCIS biometric prints. It is an FBI background check that St. Mary's requires for the dossier. Then b/c our homestudy agency is not in the same state as St. Mary's they have their own requirements. We had to have an FBI/GBI background check done for them as well. They do theirs electronically and had the results in 48 hours. That was a homestudy requirement. Then once we get our homestudy back and send in our I-800A we will have the USCIS biometric prints done. So three sets total. It really confused me too until we actually got into it and started doing them. I hope this helps Julie and didn't confuse you more.

  3. Great video and review of Polish history! I'm going to share with my son. Thanks!

  4. There are so many steps and is all so confusing. Only does it make sense when you are all finished with the process.

    I haven't checked out the video yet, but am excited to. Thanks for posting it.

  5. Keep plugging away on the grants! Most do have a stipulation as far as gross income, but there are a lot of options! I recommend Lifesong For Orphans. We used them as a fund-raiser and whether or not you also receive a grant from them, they will usually set up and account for you to use. It's worth looking into! An everyone who donated money to use would receive and receipt used for tax deductions! They were very trustworthy and I highly recommend them! Good luck!