Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paper Training

I need a nap today!:)   We are trying so hard to work ahead and do what we can on our end.  However, I have learned that there is a reason that everything has a specific sequence, things can get overwhelming quickly.   We have just started our home study (yippee) and have taken care of most of the paperwork already (release forms, legal documents, family picture, etc).  Yesterday, we also got our BCI and FBI fingerprints and tomorrow the Fire Marshall is coming to inspect our home and sign off on that.   While we are working on home study items, I'm also trying to work ahead on our dossier.    I think I need to slow down though, we still haven't received our agency package with dossier guidelines, medical forms, etc., education requirements (for the home study).  Right now, I'm trying to piece it together based on other blogs.   Although we are just beginning,  I already feel so grateful for all of the bloggers who have so beautifully documented their journeys!     I was able to compile a good list from Julie's archives (Finding Little Pfalzer).   Thank you Julie!:)

I am confused by the apostilling process, and even little things our home photos need to be a certain size (5X7, 8X10)?   Also, is the biometrics fingerprinting (for the I800A form),  the same process as what we did yesterday for the FBI and BCI?     I am sure all of those details will be covered once I actually read the guidelines when they arrive!   I have to keep repeating...."patience is a virtue" .:)


  1. Apostilling is very confusing, especially if there is anything from New York. I sent something to the wrong place. Every state is different. My agency was a huge help in figuring it all out.

    We sent 4 x 6 pictures in an envelope.

    The fingerprints are different. We had to go to our department of homeland security office for the biometrics ones. I asked if we could do them at the same time and was reminded that they do expire.

    Hope that is somewhat helpful.

  2. You are so so so welcome! And ditto everything Sherry just wrote too!

  3. One thing you could do is to get your orignal birth certificates and wedding certificates(with the seal)apostilled. If you were born/married in a different state than where you live now, this could take some time, so it might be nice to get started on it. If you live in the same state where you were born/married, then just wait and get all documents apostilled at the same time. Usually documents are apostilled in the capital city (which luckily we live in), so you may need to drive to get your items apostilled. Basically it is another person who says...yes, your notary was a valid notary at the time they notarized your document. It is definitely a weird step in the process. Aside from that, I say definitely wait until you get your forms from your adoption agency.

  4. You will send in the I800-A form after your homestudy is completed and ready to send with it. You can not send this form in earlier (government regulations.) After you send that form the government will send you a letter with a specific day and place to go for the fingerprinting. They require that the fingerprinting be done at their offices and on the given appointment day.

    The apostilling varies by state and yes it is confusing. You have to have all of the documents apostilled from the state you received that document from. You can probably find out more information by doing a google search for apostilling in your state. It is usually done in the secretary of states office. Costs vary widely by state as well. You are working with St. Mary's right? If so they will send you info. on the apostilling process with your dossier info.

  5. Everyone seem to answer your questions. I know it is hard because you want to just get it all done now. We have all been there. Now I understand why the agency only gives you the info on what the next tasks are. It is very overwhelming and everything needs to be done right. For example, my medical was apostilled and then had to be redone because the dr left one thing blank (it was for was the wasserman test which test for syphilis--and yes it was negative..but was a joke in our house for a while. Vito's proof of employment was rejected by the state of MA because of how it was notarized. It was almost rejected a second time but I think they felt bad for me because I called so many times. Funny thing is it was notarized the same way as a lot of other docs that were just fine in other states. The whole thing is a crazy experience. Please ask any questions you want, we have all be there. I agree about waiting until your agency sends you the info... We are also using St. Mary's so if you have any specific questions about how they do things please ask.

  6. Just hang in there! It is so frustrating not have everything laid out at once (at least it was for me- I like to KNOW) but I know now that there is just too much for any agency to hand it all over at once. I agree, figure out the details for apostilling in your state(s) just you have that down.