Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blissful Break at the Beach

Hello!  It's nice to check in!   We are on vacation to our very first trip to the beach (this was the view during my morning run).    The trip was planned and paid for before our adoption process started, which once again speaks of God's providence because there is no way we could've gone otherwise.  Every penny has been pinched and the only trip we'll be taking for the foreseeable future will be to Poland.  So, I am not taking this vacation for granted, it has been a blessing for our family!      It feels strange to be so "unplugged", I haven't seen the news headlines or hardly checked my e-mail.  I've even felt detached from the next step of our adoption because I've had such limited Internet access.  It's strange.  I wonder if this is how it will be in Poland?!      Speaking of which, we are getting a bit closer, although it's still baby steps.   We received word that our home study agency is almost finished writing up our review and will be sending it to our agency to review any day now.  I'm hoping the agency with approve it right away, but from reading other blogs I see that sometimes corrections need to be made.  So, we are just standing by until we get the "all clear" and then we can move on with our dossier and applying for grants.
Also, today a good friend of my is doing a fundraiser which I wrote about in my last post.  She is taking photos of families, couples, etc. with all proceeds going to our adoption fund.  Although we aren't there right now, we are praying like crazy!   Thanking God for her willingness to help us bring home our child (or children), and asking the Lord to give her a beautiful day for the photos.   She already posted a few sessions on her blog and you can view them here.    Well, I am off to check the other adoption blogs.  I can't wait to read what everyone has been up to!:) 


  1. First glad you got to take a vacation. We don't realize how needed vacations are until we are on one. How exciting that you homestudy is almost complete. I will say having gone through is so important that all of the wording is correct in the homestudy, and as you know it is a lot of words. If is seems like it is taking a long time just remember that it will be better in the end when the USCIS approves it without a lot of rewriting. We just had to submit a supplement to the USCIS with more money and an updated homestudy. No fault of the agency...but never the less, very frustrating.
    How wonderful to have a friend who is willing to help out with your adoption. She will be blessed for helping your family grow. I hope it was a success. Keep us posted!

  2. It's so nice to get away, isn't it? I am not a big vacationer, but when I do, I love it!!

    Your friends' photos are great, I wish I lived nearby, I would have had some taken too!!

  3. Good for you for enjoying yourself! The adoption process is so consuming that we seem to forget about anything else. The beach looks perfect! Hopefully your homestudy does not need changes, but I will tell you that SMIA is very thorough, so you can be sure that once it is approved, you will have no future problems. The facilitator in Poland said she was always impressed with the paper work that came from SMIA. She said it never needs corrections! One less thing to worry about!