Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pre-Planning and Passports

This has been a busy week!   We are in the process of getting the "all clear" to start our home study and move forward with the agency agreement.   So, I am trying to reach the balance of lining things up we can do now, but not getting too far ahead of ourselves (because I've learned everything has a sequence).   One order of business we are working on though, are the boys passports.  My mom told me the rates were going up 35%!  She thought it took effect June 1,  so we were rushing to get the documents sent in, but from what I've found online, it looks like they may have already increased (as of April).    At any rate, today we realized it will be a longer process than we anticipated.   We have to attach certified birth certificates to each application, and even something as simple as that has turned into a day long rabbit trail!  The boys were all born in different states (during Army service, after, and now our permanent home in OH).   So we have to send requests and checks to each state and then....wait.:)   After that we can submit the paperwork for the passports and then....wait.:)  A common theme in this process I know!:)     We are also working on getting extra certified copies of our marriage and birth certificates too, just so we have them on-hand when we need them.   Needless to say, I am glad we decided to work on that because it feels like we are at least doing something, even if it's baby steps.   After reading other wonderful blogs, I have learned so much about what to expect, but days like today still make it feel a bit overwhelming because I know we haven't even really begun!  Still, I think about the child (or children) that we are doing this for, and lift up a prayer for perseverance because I know it will all be worth it!

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