Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pardon my Polish

Just wanted to check in with a quick update regarding Rosetta Stone.  It arrived at our doorstep yesterday and we wasted no time breaking it in.    I am already very impressed by the program, even though it's expensive, I believe it will be a good investment.  I thought we would record a start up session for anyone wondering how it works.  My brother recorded this and didn't quite zoom in on the screen enough to show what was happening, but hopefully you can get the idea.  We are learning as a family and I really think the kids are picking it up faster than Jim and me!    I am also trying to remember the great advice from Raime who suggested to focus on verbs.   My apologies to the Poles for doing such a poor job at speaking the language!   My pride is definitely going out the window after posting this, it's pretty rough. :) 


  1. Actually you are doing not bad :-)

    I have to be honest with you that polish language is not easy to learn, and everyone who attempts to do it is a hero in my eyes :-)

    I have a feeling that your little boy is going to learn very quickly, he said “mezczyzna” 2nd time perfectly…

    Good Luck and have fun :-)

  2. Oh but you are a brave girl posting a video of yourself! You're doing great! I'm having trouble with some of the basic words so I don't see a video in my future anytime soon- lol! But its getting better each time. Looking forward to getting our Rosetta Stone- you made it look really user-friendly!

    @Gosia- you are right, it is a challenging language, but its kinda fun too! heehee!

  3. The little boy who tries it out is adorable. He is going to be bilingual before you know it. :-)