Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dinner Ideas?

Any Polish chefs out there?   We are having a big family dinner on Sunday and I am on the hunt for a Polish dish.  Our priest, Fr. Chris,  is from Poland and he will be joining us.      I am hoping to find something relatively easy and that will also feed alot of people.   I found some ideas here, but I thought it would be nice to hear from anyone who has a tried and true favorite.  If all else fails, I may go the standby route:  lasagna.   Will keep looking though, hopefully I can pull this off!:)


  1. BIGOS (Hunter's Stew)is very traditional and easy to make, but not all americans like sauerkraut..and i needs to be served warm...

    Vegetable salad is also very traditional and popular in Poland (kind of like potato salad you just add more veggies and pickles)... Let me know if you need more details aout this one..

    Pierogies, which of course are our trademark, are very time consuming, and getting a right dough can be tricky ...

    Good Luck


  2. I also second the Bigos ( soup is always easy for me!). There are recipes online for it. Good luck!

  3. Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback! Gosia, you have been so helpful and I am grateful for your suggestions.

    Kelly, it looks like it might be the Bigos! Will have to survey the rest of the family and see if that will work, it might be a hard sell against the lasagna! Ha ha. Thanks again.

  4. Let us know how it goes and how the kids liked it (I have a pseudo-picky eater here but he's been trying new things lately).